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The outdoor spaces in your home are special in that the addition of some special elements like pergolas and arbors can make them look very attractive, In addition, these spaces provide a certain amount of protection from the weather and can encourage to you to spend some more time in these outdoor areas. Many homeowners are confused when they hear the terms pergolas and arbors.

AMC Pavers & Outdoor Creations has designed and installed some of the most attractive outdoor structures in and around Spring Hill. Often times, one is confused with the other and the fact is that they do look very similar. However, they are essentially different structures and are also designed in specific ways. Take a look at how you can distinguish between them:

The Differences

Pergolas/Arbors An arbor is typically a freestanding structure that has supports on all sides and the top. These are sometimes formed with the use of lattice. It is also considerably smaller than a pergola. Though this structure offers a certain amount of shade, it does not provide protection from the elements as it has a slatted roof. In most instances, it is built over a walkway to the garden or an entranceway and creeping plants grow over it.

In comparison, a pergola is supported by 4 posts and has a slatted roof ā€“ This structure is used like an outdoor entertainment space. It has open sides but some pergola designs are also covered with lattices. These might have some vines growing over them.

Though there are some distinct differences between pergolas and arbors, they are different structures. Most homeowners in Palm Harbor, Tampa and Clearwater who have either arbors or pergolas on their properties grow climbing plants on them- this provides some shelter from the sun and rain.

Value Addition

Pergolas/Arbors The addition of these yard structures is a definite value-add to your home. It is one of the ways of increasing the allure of your landscape. We can carry out the installation of pergolas and arbors as part of your landscape installation project. However, we can also add these structures to existing landscapes if you so desire. We pay a lot of attention to detailing in design and only the best and most durable materials are used.

Focusing on Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is priority for us and we know that having beautiful landscaping features around your home is a lot about the materials that are used in them and the manner in which the installation is handled. We are known for our expertise in this field and also ensure that every design that we create complements the existing features in your landscaping. We offer comprehensive services when it comes to landscaping design and installation and are recognized as experts in the field.

Call us on 352-610-4320 with your queries or your requirement and we will send out our sales personnel to your home. You will be provided ideas and designs and we will work within your budget. Let us help you make those outdoor spaces even more special. You can also contact us via the online form on our website.

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