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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls AMC Pavers & Out Door Creations can bring out all your homes hardscape and curb appeal. We can enhance your flower beds or build for you flower beds with seating areas to enjoy your outdoors. There are endless ideas that AMC Pavers can create for your home with retaining walls that will add the finishing touch to your homes hardscape.
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Retaining Walls
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Whenever there is a mention about retaining walls, most people think about walls that are specifically built to hold-back a hillside. Of course, that is one of the primary purposes of retaining walls but there are many different types that suit different purposes. AMC Pavers & Outdoor Creations has been in the landscaping business for a number of years.

Types of Walls

Retaining Walls We have constructed some of the best and well-engineered retaining walls on many properties across Clearwater, Tampa and Palm Harbor. Some of the different types of walls that we build are:

  • Seat walls
  • Defining walls
  • Knee walls
  • Free-standing walls
  • Walls to direct guests and traffic
  • Walls to replace fences
  • Walls with built-in seating
  • Accent walls
  • Walls for raised plant-beds

A Range of Materials

The retaining walls that we built could be structured from a range of materials like natural stone, wood and different man-made materials. These walls are extremely functional and can add aesthetic value to your landscape as well. We can also install these walls in different ways- They can be dry-laid, wet-laid or fastened together. The installation method that we use will depend on the design of the retaining walls and their function.

The Decoration Factor

Retaining Walls Some walls are constructed especially for engineering purposes. They are used on graded properties, hold-back the slope and prevent soil erosion. But some types of free-standing walls can be used in other applications as well. These can border brick patios and have seating on the inner side. Some of these retaining walls are also used to define semi-enclosed outdoor spaces and might include pilasters, pillars and columns.

The addition of natural stone caps and effective lighting to the walls can also enhance the look of the outdoor areas. A free-standing wall can be a decorative feature, offers privacy and can be used for directing traffic and guests. In short, they are very functional features in a landscape.

Engineered Walls

Some properties have a lot of natural grading and soil erosion is a common occurrence in these places. Over time, the rain loosens the soil and washes it off. This can cause damage to trees and plants on your property and the loose mud can also be a safety hazard. We construct engineered retaining walls that provide stability to a slope and they look very pleasing in the landscape setting.

If driveways and pathways are dug out of graded land, these can be bordered with retaining walls of varying heights. This makes the landscaping look good but it also prevents the driveways from collapse. We use the highest-grade materials in the construction of walls and ensure that they are engineered to perfection.

If you need retaining walls built in and around the Spring Hill area, contact AMC Pavers & Outdoor Creations on 352-610-4320. Our representative will come out to your home and survey the land. The retaining walls will then be constructed as per your budget and style.

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